Franklin Garage Door Repair : Installation

Welcome to our site here at Franklin Garage Door Repair – a professional company made to fulfill your needs in terms of garage door installation and beyond. We have the ability to provide you with full and adequate solutions for all types of home garage doors concerns. Whether you are moving into a house with an old garage door that you would like to have replaced, or you are trying to find your best solution for improving your home’s appearance by installing a new garage door, you can find your answer by calling us at 615-932-5920.

Call Franklin Garage Door company anytime today at: 615-932-5920

Our professional team is ready to assist you with choosing the garage door that best fits your home from the wide range of existing doors: insulated ones that provide warmth to your house and family whenever you or the kids need some more space; automatic doors - safety doors that save you from bad weather when returning or leaving your home. You can open the door by sending an automatic request through the automatic openers. Imagine how easy it would be! Invest in a quality automatic door opener. Call Franklin Garage Door Repair. We can install one for you, even to your existing manual door.

Call Franklin Garage Door company anytime today at: 615-932-5920

Franklin Garage Door Repair can help to upgrade your home by suggesting and installing a replicated type of door of old European design – the Carriage garage door. These carriage doors are made out of wood, fiberglass, copper, aluminum and steel and they can be decorated, designed and retouched. If you are interested in learning more about carriage garage door installation, give us a call.

Franklin Garage Door Repair believes that a good garage door brings warmth, safety and beauty to your home, and that’s why we can assist you by providing safe and secure installation services as: opener setup, spring system installation, door section pre-assembly, backhang and installation of the many optional accessories. What can give warmth to your house better that a wood garage doors? They can be made out of any type of wood and they are the easiest to support any type of redecoration and design. They can be accessorized with rails and automatic openers with remote controls for a more convenient service and who can do that better than Franklin Garage Door Repairs? Please, contact us at 615-932-5920 for an appointment, today!

We can install all the types of garage door openers for your convenience: chain-drive openers, belt-drive openers and screw-drive openers.

Franklin Garage Door Repair is very careful with installation details, so, with us, you will never worry about the security of the garage doors we install. We will guide you through the wide variety of garage door openers and will help you to choose what is best for you: maybe chain-drive openers if you want to be warned about anyone coming into your house or belt drive openers if you appreciate the more quiet openers. Franklin Garage Door Repair is here to give you a hand and to help you make the best choice with all of your garage door related installation needs. Please feel free to call us at 615-932-5920. We can install any type of garage doors, from the very resilient vinyl garage doors and wind resistant garage doors to rollup doors and glass garage doors. We do it all when it comes to garage door installation. Find out more today by giving us a call at Franklin Garage Door Repair.